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Our professional team photos are A4 size printed on metallic paper with all names are correct and artwork included on the print.

1: A proof is downloaded to a coach / manager who will email the correct names to IBImages where the artwork is created.

2: An email is sent back to the coach / manager, who then will forward it out to the parents with a time limit for them to respond with any corrections they would like to make to the artwork.

3: The corrections will be made and an email will be resent to the coach / manager for final approval.

4: Only once final Approval has been achieved, will IBImages be given the go ahead to print that particular group.

Action Shots & Portraits

Digilal file(H/R)(download)

When purchasing this product you will be downloaded the original file from straight out of the camera, full resolution! Most files are around 2.8 meg in size.

Please always download your receipt, If you have any problems please contact us via email.

Standard Print Sizes

Our print sizes are based around the idea of making things as simple as possible ranging from A5 all the way up to A2 with all the standard steps in between.

All prints are cropped and color corrected to the highest standard possible. The paper we use is metallic and the ink is pigment kept under good conditions the prints are archival.

A5 is the smallest size we print which is halve the size of an A4. This size is close to a 6x8 inch print.

A4 is the most popular size that we print it is the standard size of most paper letters in Australia. This size is close to an 8 x 12 inch print.

A3 is double an A4 and close to 14x11 inches in size.

A2 is double an A3 and close to a 16x20 inches in size.

Halve Length Full Length kneeling
Halve Length in all sizes Full Length avalable in all sizes Kneeling Full Length avalable in all sizes
Contact Sheet Magazine Cover Action Shot
Contact Sheet / 4 Wallets size these
photos are printed as A5 size photo
Magazine cover available in A4 A3 A2 Action shots are available in all sizes
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