Imagine having your school photos done and no money needs to change hands at the school, all the children and staff are photographed. But the best part, is that the next day the parents can see the photos & order all in the convenience of their home. All this is possible and is happening now.

IBImages have the most up to date click and surf secure web site. All the high standards of school photography with the speed and security of a 128 bit encrypted password website. No one can access the photos without the correct password, communications between the parent and the photographer can be direct, very little school resources need to be committed to the photography experience.

What happens when the parents don't have access to the web? That is simple, we will deliver sample books either on paper or cd to the school. Where the parents can see all the photos that were taken on the day, from these books or cds they can place an order on a form that can be posted to IBImages. They can either take them home or view them at the school, it is the school's decision.

Commission is negotiable! Each school is treated as an individual job and is quoted on its needs and requirements.

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