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2015 OZTAG State Of Origin Weekend

Well done to all the Blues and Maroons representative players this weekend. All the action shots are up and ready to see. If you didn't pick up one of our cards this weekend, just log in as 'oztag' with password '2015', click on the 'Oztag' button then search and click on the "Junior State Of Origin 2015" and "Senior State Of Origin 2015" buttons to view them.

2015 OZTAG State Of Origin Weekend

A first for us. We are privileged to have been given an opportunity to "shoot" in Queensland. We are currently wending our way up the coast. After leaving a wet Sydney early this morning, we don't seem to be beating the rain. I just hope the SUNSHINE COAST lives up to its name.

2015 OZTAG Senior State Cup

Some of you have beaten us to the punch, so to speak. The action photos from last weekend are now up and available for trying to find yourself, your mates, family members, close associates, or loose associates and general perusing. Most importantly for us is you can purchase them. Go for it.

2015 OZTAG Senior State Cup

We are back in Sydney. So its back to work we go, to get the photos up for you to see ASAP. Thank you Tamworth for another great weekend. The weather was just about perfect. A big sorry to the ACT crowd that came looking for a big group photo while we weren't there in the admin area. It will never happen again. Remember username - oztag password - 2015

2015 OZTAG NSW Junior State Cup

Good Morning everyone. Thanks for a fantastic weekend up here at Coffs (yes we are still here). It was great that the predicted wet weekend never eventuated. We will shortly be heading back to Sydney so the photos should be up by Wednesday night. Well played Oztaggers. And I know they would like to thank their parents, brothers, sisters and maybe cousins. And lets not forget about their grandparents. In particular one grandmother who should get a medal. As for those queue jumpers at the Merch Tent, well lets not dwell on that. The username - Oztag and password - 2015 will be activated once all the 8000 photos have been organised.

2014 Snowy Ride

Another great turn out for the Snowy Ride supporting the Steven Walter Foundation. You folks are awesome! We hope you enjoyed your time in the Snowy Mountains and like your photos. Username is: snowyride and password: 2014


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