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2016 Emerging Nations

Well that was a great weekend Thanks to Bill, Adel, Luke, Garth, Perry and their admin Team. The thing that made it great was the super atmosphere created by a talented group of Oztag teams playing great Oztag in a good spirit. The username is oztag and the password is 2016 let me know if you need help IBimages looks forward to seeing everyone soon take care.

2016 Oztag State Of Origin

Well I’ve just about dried out. How about you? I think it was wishful thinking that we would get 2 full days after the forecast for last weekend. Well done to all the oztaggers and their supporters for braving the conditions, especially for the Juniors on Sunday. And a special mention to the parents for all the laundry washing over the last couple of days. Apologies to those teams that wanted team photos, but we were told that they would occur during the presentations at the end of each day, and that's what we planned for. Doh! We did manage to take action shots until about 12:30 on Sunday when the weather took its toll on our equipment. Just head over to ‘2016 Oztag State of Origin’ to view the shots. As ever the username is ‘oztag’ and the password is ‘2016’.

2016 NSW Senior State Cup

LIFE DOES BEGIN AT 50. Congratulations to the Tamworth Mens 50 for taking out the Title. I think by now that Jock remembers that he actually won. Of course they weren't the only winners, so well done to everyone that had a go over the last 3 days. A very hot last 3 days. Our pictures are now up from this tournament so come on over and have a look. Don't be afraid to buy some if you are so inclined. Username is Oztag and Password is 2016 to get in. Did I mention it was hot!

2016 NSW Junior State Cup - Team Photos

Just an update for interested parties. Over 70 Team Photos were emailed to the team contact (Coach or Manager) last Friday, to fill in the names and collate orders. Hopefully we'll hear from them soon so players, parents, and others can receive their team photos ordered ASAP.

2016 NSW Junior State Cup

HOT HOT HOT! And it wasn't just the weather. First of all, apologies for the glitches over the last couple of days trying to get on and view the Action Shots. Thanks for your patience. Apart from saying well done to all players, managers and supporters, congratulations to St George Boys 16 for making the big step up. Just a reminder the username is 'oztag' and the password is '2016' to view the Action Shots from this and past tournaments. PS Sorry for the speed issue! Telstra tell me they are doing everything possible to fix the speed issue. So no one hold their breath! I promise the photos will be available for a long time yet please be patient, that's what Telstra ask of me.

2015 OZTAG World Cup

After a 13 hour drive we are back in Sydney. It was great to meet our international Oztaggers and a big THANK YOU goes to the New Zealand, Cook Island, Samoan, Niue, Aotearoa Maori, Great Britain, South African and Japanese teams that found us for Team Photos. It was a pleasure to meet you and some of your families. Also thank you to our regular Aussie contingent that always find us as well. Don't forget that the username is Oztag and the Password is 2016 to see all the action shots we managed to take over the weekend. Now for some rest.

2015 Snowy Ride

Hi everyone we hope all you snowy riders are home and planning next year’s ride! The Steven Walter foundation organised a brilliant event as usual and we are look forward to working with them in the future. All the photos we have are now uploaded and ready to be enjoyed. Your login is snowyride and the password is 2015. Sorry for the delay but it was faster for me to drive back to Sydney then get Telstra to do it from me. Take care and we will see you next year.


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