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NSW Senior State Cup 2014

HI Everyone Telstra has decided to stuff my internet connection. So I'm sorry this site is so slow they fixed a phone yesterday and now my internet connection is stuffed they have informed me that they can fix it with in the next five days Please be patient. I will keep hassling them. Well that was a fun! I was worried about the weather, but we got away with it. It’s great to see the high quality of the OZTAG Game. We have over 11000 photos so I think we should have all teams covered, so please enjoy them all. Thank you once again to Vicky, Bill and Perry for the great organisation of an extremely hard job. We hope to see everyone soon.

NSW Senior State Cup 2014

A big thank you to Mother Nature, Perry Bill, Vicky and the their Gang that was a well organised weekend we are currently working on thousands of photos and hope to have them live late tomorrow night so please be patient and will have them up asap.

Oztag Junior State Cup 2014

Hi everyone well I have just finished editing, collating and up loading! We have 15 thousand photos, we covered 347 Games all filed under day, age group and game, so you can find you photos quickly. Please enjoy them, Sorry for the slight delay It was bigger that I imagined. Thank you for your patience. IBIMages USERNAME oztag PASSWORD 2014

Brighton Beach Tag 2013

Wow what a great day congratulation Jodi on a job well done. I was a close competition with Mother Nature giving us a break the photos are up and ready for you to enjoy please contact me it if you need anything login is oztag and the password is 2013 have a great holiday and I will see you soon.

Australian Oztag National Championships 2013

Yes we did it again with great talent from the players and fantastic job done by Bill and his crew, over 4000 photos for everyone to enjoy. We would like to thank all players and spectators for an enjoyable weekend. Safe trip home and see everyone soon. To the teams that we missed we apologise and please feel free request an action photographer for your team at the next event.

Snowy Ride 2013

We hope you all had a great time on the 2013 Snowyride, what an awesome way to support the fantastic work done by the foundation. Hope you like your photos and hope to see you all next year. Your username will be snowyride and the password is 2013


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